Iron Is the Active Site in Nickel/Iron Water Oxidation Electrocatalysts


Bryan M. Hunter, Jay R. Winkler, and Harry B. Gray. 2018. “Iron Is the Active Site in Nickel/Iron Water Oxidation Electrocatalysts.” Molecules, 23, 4, Pp. 903. Publisher's Version


Efficient catalysis of the oxygen-evolution half-reaction (OER) is a pivotal requirement for the development of practical solar-driven water splitting devices. Heterogeneous OER electrocatalysts containing first-row transition metal oxides and hydroxides have attracted considerable recent interest, owing in part to the high abundance and low cost of starting materials. Among the best performing OER electrocatalysts are mixed Fe/Ni layered double hydroxides (LDH). A review of the available experimental data leads to the conclusion that iron is the active site for [NiFe]-LDH-catalyzed alkaline water oxidation.
Last updated on 09/04/2018